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When one considers renting an investment property there are many factors that influence the selection of a property management company. The essential features a manager should have are truthfulness, maturity, alacrity, punctuality, clear communications, rapid replies to email, an ability to select a stable considerate tenant and the interest and care to do periodic inspections of the property to insure it stays in perfect condition. When repairs are required it would be best if the manager got competitive quotes, met with the trades, and followed up with photographs sent by email.

Five years ago after a bad experience with a property management company, who had failed repeatedly to select suitable tenants and had let the property slide to disrepair, we were ready to sell. We hired a contractor who restored the house to a like new condition and were looking for a real estate agent when a friend suggested we try Pemberton Holmes to manage it. We asked Claire to replace the sagging side fence as a test to see if her actions matched her claims. She designed and specified the fence, got several quotes, selected the best and supervised the construction. She sent me periodic emailed photographs and as a surprise to me she negotiated with the adjoining neighbour to contribute to the construction cost. She passed the test and we immediately signed the contract with Pemberton Holmes and have been happy with them ever since.

The current tenants have been renting our house for three and half years which reflects the excellent care they get from Pemberton Holmes as well as Claire's unerring ability to recognize and select ideal tenants.

Claire has all of the essential traits we desire in a property manager and has recently shown the rare ability to select, train and motivate a team of property managers so her excellent service is amplified. We look forward with confidence that the continuity of care that Claire has established will continue. I highly recommend Pemberton Holmes.

- Larry Coulson

Renting a property, especially from afar, presented considerable challenges. All that changed once Claire and her team took over managing the rental of our house in Victoria. It turned out to be a smart business decision. Every detail, no matter how small or large, is looked after for us in a very prompt, professional, and, perhaps most importantly, a trustworthy manner.

- Hilda & Jim Bell

Claire Flewelling has made owning and renting a property completely hassle-free. Claire is extremely knowledgeable, professional and hard-working. She knows what needs to e done and is proactive at making sure the property is in a good state of repair, finding and screening tenants and providing ongoing counsel and services to property owners and tenants. I cannot recommend Claire highly enough. She is fabulous to work with.

- Katharine Lake Berz

I met with Claire from Pemberton Holmes almost 2 years before a property I purchased as pre-construction in Victoria was completed to seek advice on the local rental market and what my best options were as an investor. I was considering selling, vacation rental or permanent tenant rental. Even though we did not have an official agreement signed for the year and a half I was in contact with Claire she treated me as I was a high priority customer. She took the time to listen and answer all of my questions in a very professional manner.

Claire was very helpful throughout the entire process. She provided consultation on all areas related to the purchase, closing and rental of my condo. She provided great insight into the local rental market, which ultimately proved to be very helpful to me securing my financing. She took the time to point out other items such as rebates I would be entitled to given my circumstances; even though she or Pemberton had nothing to gain from the information.

This was my first home purchase and there were many items that I did not consider that Claire pointed out to me which made the experience as smooth as possible. She provided her recommendation on the market rental rate for the condo and was able to secure a great tenant within 2 weeks of taking over the condo. Claire’s expertise, professionalism, attitude and overall client service were very much appreciated and were key in helping me achieve my goal. I am confident that my property is in great hands with Claire and Pemberton Holmes. I would highly recommend their services.

- Nathan Kulczycki

I am pleased to engage the services of Pemberton Holmes Property Management to manage my home when I am away from town. Your organisation has the expertise and personnel to provide a truly exemplary service:

  • You have an in-depth home management process which is extremely detailed; you don't miss even a small detail.
  • You are punctual and keep appointments on-time.
  • I am always able to get in touch if necessary, on a 24/7 basis.
  • You correspond when appropriate to provide me with status and alert me to potential programs requiring attention or remediation.
  • You document potential problems which you observe using photographic e-mail attachments.
  • You are tenacious when pursuing a resolution to a problem. Nothing "takes forever" or "falls through the cracks".
  • Your service is flexible to meet my requirements; a need to enter my home to perform a specific task is always handled.

I have used your service for over a year (at this writing) and I am a delighted client. In summary you provide a first rate company with whom to do business. I recommend you without reservation.

- P.M. Brown

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