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Vancouver Island remains a superb location to spend the summer months or for those residing within our Eastern Provinces; our region represents a welcomed winter retreat.
Often we are approached by clients to oversee the vacant management of their homes for insurance purposes, plus the provision of peace of mind, while they travel for extended period off the Island.

Vacant or Snowbird Management services can be tailored to suit your specific needs.


Most insurance underwriters insist that a home which is vacant for more than 14 days be inspected at regular intervals.

Our services include inspections that meet the underwriter’s requirements and will be completed either weekly or bi-weekly if desired. These inspections entail a full review of the property inside and out, while inspection all the plumbing / mechanical components of the home to ensure there are no potential issues. Our inspectors acquire photographic or video evidence of the state of your home as a virtual record, the same of which will prove beneficial should an issue arise.

On the completion of each inspection, you will received an e-mailed summary defining the date and time of the event, plus any concerns that may require your directive. Should it be necessary, photos will be provided to aid you in a decision.

Maintenance and Operations

As a rule, we at Pemberton Holmes will assist with all maintenance needs whether emergency or directed by you the owner. In addition we will maintain any preventative maintenance program as you’ve  determined prior to your departure.

Maintenance issues will come up; hence we will create a plan of response unique to your property so that we can address each issue as efficiently and effectively as possible with no delay. This plan will form part of a home manual prepared by your manager with your input. The same will include all information needed to operate your home and its mechanical features. Its purpose is to protect the integrity of your investment and be available as a point of reference to your manager.

It is our duty to you the owner to supervise and maintain your home in a fashion you prefer. This may include:

Optional Services:

We at Pemberton Holmes believe going the extra mile not only adds value to our relationship as a full service company but represents the level of care those with Executive properties have come to expect.

While the list of added benefits is endless; a few of our added concierge services include:

We will be pleased to answer any questions you might have about our concierge service and explore any additional benefits you feel we might offer.


Pemberton Holmes offers a full accounting staff, inclusive of those who hold a CGA certification. While we manage thousands of individual properties, we guarantee you due process of rents and the placement of the Net Proceeds within your account in a timely manner.

Some of the services we provide include:

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