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Long Term Management / Traditional Management

Traditional management is considered Long Term Management wherein the property is offered for a term of no less than one year. For such a service we will consider furnished or unfurnished homes and will advise you as what you may anticipate with both scenarios.

There are several options that we offer in order to protect your home and to ensure you a sound financial return. It is important that you develop a clear understanding of how the Residential Tenancy Act is administered in British Columbia in order to best meet your own expectations.

Your positive management experience will start from the ground up and embrace marketing, showings and finally tenant selection. Below we have provided an overview of those services provided within our Executive Management Program.


Tenant Selection

The single most important success in property management comes is when the preferred tenant is placed under contract. Knowing your desired tenant characteristics helps us locate and fit that person to your home.


Once a tenant has been placed within your home, routine inspections are completed with minimal advanced notice, thereby allowing us to validate our choice of tenants.

On the change of each tenant, a detailed inspection will be completed of your home and property, plus an inventory of items within each home; furnished and unfurnished

The Financial Return

Filling a Vacancy

We at Pemberton Holmes have great success at finding suitable tenants, but we must continue to remind ourselves; ‘this is not a precise science.’ It is a priority for us to carefully review with our clients their expectations in advance and help them balance their vision with the reality of the current rental market.

The market changes constantly to keep pace with our economy, the influx of retirees, the population growth, the University season and unique to Greater Victoria where Federal employment is a major factor; the anticipated number of annual transfers.

We encourage you to review and freely discuss our agreements prior to applying your signatures to the bottom line. If you are hesitant about having a stranger in your home, we invite you to meet and greet the prospective tenant in a non-threatening environment, prior to us committing them under contract.

Choosing the correct rental rate is of major important in filling the vacancy. Be mindful; the correct rate for any property is the highest price that the market will bear based on the demographics of your specific residential area, the style of the home and the amenities it offers. With each new property we will offer you a market analysis of comparable properties within your geographical area so as to assist you in reaching the correct rental rate for your home.

Through experience, we have found that rental properties are much more sensitive to pricing than a property that is listed on the market for sale. Quite simply; if the property is not correctly priced; it will not rent. It is therefore imperative to move quickly in the event of a home not receiving the desired rate of interest. Experience again tells us that finding a suitable tenant can take 60 to 90 days for a higher end home. To have your home posted at too high a rate will only extend this period leaving a financial loss that is often not recovered over the duration of the rental period.

Having an adequate number of trained staff available to show your home and property when it is most convenient to the prospective tenant, often leaves us at Pemberton Holmes needing to react on a moment’s notice. We are proud to promote the fact that our staff do not function within a standard 9am to 5pm day, or a standard five day week. Our schedule is designed to suit the both you and the prospective tenant whether at your home or that of the applicant. This often necessitates longer hours in a given day and quite often a work week without the luxury of a weekend. Few other professionals will grant such flexibility.

One of the most crucial services we provide is ensuring that all lease agreements and tenant relations are in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act. Fluent knowledge of these rules and regulations is paramount to the training of our managers. To keep our managers abreast of changes within legislation; refresher courses are mandatory on an annual basis.

In the event a tenant dispute leads to arbitration, our understanding of the Act and due process vastly increases our ability to satisfy the reason you chose us as your management firm.
We will be pleased to answer any questions related to property management prior to you entering into an agreement and throughout our contractual relationship. We feel it is important for you the home owner to understand the requirements of property management and what obligations the Act places on you the owner of an executive property.

The Preferred Tenant

The greatest success that can be realized in property management is when the preferred tenant is placed under contract. Knowing your vision of the preferred tenant helps us locate and fit that person to your home.

Maintenance and Operations

As a rule it is customary for the property manager to facilitate all maintenance needs of the home and property which originate at the request of the tenant or you the owner.

Regretfully maintenance issues will arise and when they do it is paramount to have a plan in place to allow for a quick response so that the resolve is both effective and cost efficient. Our property managers will work with you to prepare a home and property manual outlining the location of all mechanical devices unique to your home and their individual methods of operation. This manual will offer both your Property Manager and your tenant the ability to protect the integrity of your home and property. If specialized cleaning products are a must for certain appliances or special instructions are required to operate your heating/cooling system efficiently, this manual will support that information.

It is our duty to you the owner to supervise and maintain your home in a fashion you prefer. This may include:


Pemberton Holmes offers a full accounting staff, inclusive of those who hold a CGA certification. While we manage thousands of individual properties, we guarantee you due process of rents and the placement of the Net Proceeds within your account in a timely manner.

Some of the services we provide include:

One of the most important services we provide is ensuring that all agreements and tenant relations are within the guidelines pre-established by you the owner.

Optional Services:

We at Pemberton Holmes believe going the extra mile not only adds value to our relationship as a full service company but represents the level of care those with Executive properties have come to expect.

While the list of added benefits is endless; a few of our added concierge services include:

We will be pleased to answer any questions you might have about our concierge service and explore any additional benefits you feel we might offer.

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