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Pemberton Holmes Ltd. remains a family-owned and operated business that has cared for properties in Greater Victoria since 1887. While our history precedes our incorporation by a number of decades; our tradition of knowledge and service remains unsurpassed to the present. Our unparalleled history has allowed us an unrivalled insight into the past, present and future growth cycles of our region, permitting us to adapt quickly to the ever changing needs of property owners and local policies.

Historically many things remain integral to our business philosophy. We remain selective of the properties we contract to manage as to not jeopardise our service to you. We are proud of our proven track record in maintaining properties with an eye towards advancing their long-term value, while ensuring high efficiency on a day-to-day basis. Staying current in technology and how the same can improve our services to you is a constant quest.

Pemberton Holmes continues to be a hands-on management firm. Our managers purposely oversee smaller portfolios than is considered industry standards so they can insure closer attention to details; those very details which would otherwise be lost in a maze of sheer numbers and related paperwork. Via this philosophy, we guarantee you the level of service you should expect. Our style of management remains traditional by nature thereby allowing us the freedom to tailor any agreement to suit your specific needs.

For those home owners desiring a vacant management service, either for peace of mind or to satisfy their insurer we have an agreement specifically for you and qualified, dependable staff eager to oversee your investment. If you would like to avail yourself of the higher return vacation home market during your absence, we can provide exclusive service for you there as well.

No matter what form of management you desire, we will be pleased to cater to your specific needs. Under our supervision you can relax and travel without concern knowing your investment will be safeguarded against all unforeseen situations.

Our goal is to facilitate your primary needs; the preservation and protection of your greatest single financial investment. This we will do while providing you with a source of revenue equal to your expectations.

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