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Joseph Despard PembertonOur founder, Joseph Despard Pemberton holds the distinction of being The Surveyor General chosen by the Hudson’s Bay Co. in 1851 to migrate to the hinterland of the Pacific Northwest and fulfill the Queens’ decree to prepare a conceptual design and construct the subdivision of land with interconnecting roads to represent the first settlement in British Columbia which now proudly supports her name.

This was one of many firsts for the Pemberton family. What followed was the first Real Estate & Property Management firm in British Columbia, the same firm we proudly represent today. Unlike many of its peers, it remains under the stewardship of family members. We are proud to serve you as the longest established professional service of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

Never one to rest on its laurels, we at Pemberton Holmes remain leaders in the industry by providing unparallel service and by constantly reinventing ourselves to stay current in the services we provide.

Pemberton Holmes Residential Division is a dynamic group of professionals all of whom are dedicated to their career of choice; Property Management. Our members come from a strong Real Estate background and employ their extensive knowledge of residential properties to the management of our client’s single largest investment.

In 2010 we opened our Duncan Division offering service to the local area plus those to the south inclusive of: Cobble Hill, Shawnigan Lake and Mill Bay.
Witnessing excellent growth in our Sooke division we will be promoting our Short Term Rental Management in 2014 to address the increasing demand for vacation rentals.

In 2013 we were quick to recognize a shift in demand and opened our service area to Ladysmith.

Claire FlewellingClaire Flewelling joined Pemberton Holmes in 2005 and assumed the General Manager’s position of Residential Management in 2009. Her passion for ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and respectfully has garnered industry wide respect. Consequently the legions of support continue to grow.

Together we offer a strong team of Property Managers throughout the South Island who specialize in various styles of management. Our primary focus is single family homes and strata units; however we have numerous multiplexes and larger apartment complexes within our portfolio.

As humbling as it may be; we are only as strong as those who support us, so much credit goes to our assistants, the accounting personal, and last but definitely not least; those ladies who prepare the marketing and show the individual homes to prospective tenants. It is through their tireless efforts that Pemberton Holmes Property Management has remained the Industry leader for over 160 years.

Should you have an executive property and your desire is to make it available to the rental market; call Claire today at 250 478 9141 for an opportunity to discuss your options in the relaxed environment of your own home or within our executive offices.

Our first priority at Pemberton Holmes is to ensure your investment is being managed both efficiently and professionally.

Please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

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