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We manage properties...properly.

Pemberton Holmes Ltd. is a family-owned company that has been managing properties in the Greater Victoria area since 1887 and in fact goes back to the arrival of British Columbia's first surveyor general J.D. Pemberton to the then colony of Vancouver Island in 1851. Our tradition of knowledgeable service continues to the present, keeping pace with both the growth in the capital area, the changing needs of property owners and today's technology.

However, some things always remain part of our business philosophy. We are selective about the properties we contract to manage so as not to jeopardize our service to you. We have a proven track record in maintaining properties to increase their long-term value, while ensuring their efficiency on a day-to-day basis. Our Property Management Division offers superior service, attention to details and comprehensive reporting.

Our experience confirms that your two primary concerns as an owner of revenue property are: Protecting the value of your property and the financial return derived from that property.

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